ED officially cured: Started 3 years ago. I think Paleo diet helped.

Hello – So I am officially cured, or at least about 98% so.  I haven’t been on this site for a long time, but I wanted to come back as a public service to the forum.  I also found that reading about porn generally wasn’t doing a good job of keeping my mind off of porn.  This will be my last planned post, but I will check back over the next couple of days if anyone has any questions.  So I’ll apologize for the long post, but here is my story:

So here is the news that will tick some off but bring hope to others – Porn was not even the main issue with me.  It had negative effects, but something else was going on.  I’m not even 100% off of porn.  I would guess I still watch it once every three weeks or so for about 30 min.  This is down from about 10 times per week for 10+ hours, however, when I started having issues.  And Porn is DEFINITELY a negative for me, don’t get me wrong, I just needed to address other things as well.  Just to give you a picture of what I have gone through:  I have suffered with this for 8 years.  8 friggin years.  I had a healthy sex life from the ages of 16-21 and sex has sucked ever since for me.  It was literally like a light switch was just turned off one day.  If I had 10 random sexual encounters when I started this journey, here would be a look at the 10 results:

– two times I may have had a panic attack during foreplay and lost my erection
– two times even though I didn’t feel “there” or into it, my erection would last long enough to have sex but I would have no idea why
– two times my gf would need to take forever with foreplay to get me hard enough for penetration
– the other four times I would go from being soft to just hard enough, sometimes finishing, sometimes suffering from PE, always embarrassed, etc.

I always rushed to penetration if possible, my libido sucked, it was definitely easier for me to get turned on by porn and I was always anxious.  I honestly felt dead in a lot of ways.

About a year ago, a blessing in disguise hit me that I thought at the time was the worst thing in the world – I started having bladder trouble…and I mean serious trouble.  I’m only in my 20s, and I was urinating every 45-60 minutes all day, and it was even more urine than normal.  Obviously, this is a sign of diabetes…now, I am in no way a candidate for diabetes.  It’s not in my family, I work out 4-5 times a week and if I am overweight it is only by 15 pounds or so.  But I have been tested for diabetes several times over the past year by both blood sugar tests and glucose tolerance tests.  And guess what?  My blood sugar was PERFECT!  So here I was having diabetic symptoms with zero diabetes.  So I kept researching….and after researching I decided to urinate on to a piece of toilet paper and smell my urine.  It smelled like PURE SUGAR.  So I don’t have diabetes but something was going on.  From that day forth, I basically went on a paleo diet and took away all caffeine as well to try and make sure my blood sugar was balanced.  The first 11 days were pure hell.  I felt like I was losing control, I had days where I was urgently urinating every 15-20 minutes all day and the headaches were so bad I got nauseous.  By day 12 I knew I was on the right track.  By day 25 I felt I was effectively “cured.”  It’s been about an additional 60 days since that time.  I know for a fact this worked for me because once I felt cured, I went back to my old ways….I started drinking 2 sodas a day, maybe added in some coffee.  It took about a week, but my symptoms started coming back.  Went back on my modified diet and I’m back to feeling better again.  I understand this might not be what some of you wanted to read, but I had to think that this would help someone out there.  Here I am, relatively in shape, an athlete all my life, everything on my blood tests showed perfect, but basically I have some form of subclinical blood sugar issues.  I would seriously recommend trying a whole 30 or paleo program for a while if you would be a candidate at all…what can it hurt?  It can only help.  And I know a lot of people on this site are probably from the computer-savvy, drinking mountain dew kinda crowd.  That shit is poison, it’s going to be basically out of my life.

So I don’t want to completely forego discussing the porn, because it was still about 20% of my issue.  Porn for sure gives me a little bit of brain fog, stresses me out, reduces my erections and turns me off from the real thing.  But I actually found that fixing the things discussed above seriously reduced my cravings for porn.  Balancing my blood sugar made me more calm and social and for some reason I just never came hoe in those stressed out moods that used to lead to porn.  I want everyone to keep in mind when they read this story that I have been sick for 8 years!!!!  I have had 8 years of terrible sex, and I’m telling you I turned it around in basically 30 days.  Once again, I know it’s not for everyone, but I just needed to tell my story in case someone else can benefit.  So of course, the results…if I have 10 sexual encounters now, here is what they look like

– two will be perfectly awesome in every way
– seven will be “normal” (and that’s great!!)
– one I may have a little PE or need some coaxing to get hard

Good luck all.

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