ED – Thought I was asexual. Eventually thought I was gay (HOCD): 2 years later I’m a normal functioning heterosexual guy


[Responding to another post] Very similar situation happened with me. When I had my first ED experience and broke up with my first girlfriend, I started to think I’m either asexual or homosexual. I remember, I had no idea what is wrong with me, I felt hopeless, I was even crying once because of this. I just felt emptiness, which felt so unnatural.

Then, as I kept looking for information related to my problem, I learned about porn addiction and NoFap. I had no other chance, so I stopped both watching porn and masturbating. Then, as I got hornier, I developed HOCD, which is fear of having a different sexual orientation. I was so afraid that I might be gay; I could not talk with other men, look at them in the eyes. It was horrible, so I occasionally watched porn to check if I am attracted to women or not. It was a never ending circle because of the HOCD, and then I learned that if you ignore the fear, it will disappear.

So I was like, I don’t care, if I am attracted to men, then so be it, I won’t do anything sexual with them anyway. So I just kept ignoring my fear, then broke the cycle.

Fast forward 2 years I met a girl, fell in love, we made out a lot, felt aroused all the time, had big libido and had strong, lasting erections. Before that, I gave up on porn and masturbating completely for months.

So it turned I’m a normal functioning heterosexual guy.

Unfortunately I’ve relapsed in the past 3 months, but I know I’ll be fine later. Gave up on porn forever.

I suggest you the same, just break the cycle, don’t fap for like 3 months and do not watch porn at all. Don’t believe your mind; if you are afraid of being asexual, you are probably not. Real asexuals are okay with their sexual orientation.


BY – warrior0306