ED – Tried ED drugs. A whole lot of therapy. Nothing really worked….Until I stopped PMO

For 3 years, give or take, I suffered from terrible ED. I would guess I was able to get and maintain a decent enough erection for sex about 20% of the time, if that. And failure like that, of course, begets hurt feelings and anxiety and thus more failure.

I ruled out physical causes with my doctor. I tried ED drugs. I went through a whole lot of therapy. And nothing really worked….Until I stopped PMO.

After almost 90 days hard mode, we had sex for the first time in over a year. And in the 36 days since then, we’ve done it 3 more times. So, as of yesterday, I’m now 4 for my last 4 in having great, mutually satisfying sex without any ED problems at all. And I mean NO problems. Honestly, I haven’t had erections like that in so long, I can’t even remember. Got hard from the very beginning without any direct stimulation, stayed hard throughout — position changes, slight delays, things that used to derail the whole thing.

I really thought those days were gone forever. Thank God my wife is so patient and understanding. I don’t know how she stuck with me all that time. But I’m sure glad she did.

Bottom line, people: This works. Stick with it.

Victory Over ED!

by The Eleven