Energy, mental clarity and extreme focus


Let me tell you my experience briefly.

¤ Had a six month hardmode streak in which I managed to pull off two months zero wet dream semen retention streak.

¤ Before that I thought semen retention is a stupid thing. However, I wanted to stop fapping so as a result semen retention became a natural thing so I didn’t do it intentionally like I do now.

¤ Superpowers are direct result of semen retention. Women freaking throw them at you, female friends suddenly started to speak in sexy voice, few women approached me as wel and I can write a book on semen retention and superpowers. Anyway now I do semen retention for more than getting girls. I want that energy, mental clarity and extreme focus and all other full stack semen retention benefits

¤ And semen retention benifits loose if you ejaculate regardless of how it happens; sex, fapping or wet dreams.

Finally bro let me tell you something.

Semen retention is a powerful practise and it is a secret,seriously man, my life changed because of this one practise. Do not tell anyone because no one gonna believe you because they haven’t done it. Sexual transumatation is semen retention. Guess what? You my friend has found the most powerful secret by yourself as I did. Don’t let anyone to talk to you it as bs cuz most guys have never ever done in semen retention in their entire life. You don’t listen to a fatass if you want to get buff. Like that do not ask or tell others about this.

Btw I am not a religious hocus pocus guy and most of your benefits will left you if you have sex and ejaculate like crazy


By Gameon25