Enjoying sex more in my marriage


After 90 days I can say I feel much better compared to 3 months ago. I’m not as much drawn to PMO as I used to be. I can’t say the urges have disappeared, it is just easier to resist them. I think I also reached a new normal in sex life with my partner. We are both enjoying it more, I’m more alive and ready for it.

Perhaps to the contrary of what is usually discussed here I did not talk with my wife about my addiction. This still seems a bridge to far. She knows I’ve been dealing with this issue (that is, trying to quit) for the last three years or so, but we’ve never made it explicit. At this time it does not seem necessary anymore. Of course pitfalls are always close, but hey I made it to 90 days.

I did not use any DNS filters or other blockers. I just stopped typing in the d*mned porn urls.

At some point it kind of seemed natural to also quit drinking. I was not a very heavy drinker, but still a regular one. Now I’m 53 days sober as well, and also feel quite good about that.

For me quitting porn is much more of a struggle than quitting alcohol. Who would have thought that.

After quitting porn I tend to sleep better and longer, and am more relaxed and a better father to my children, and partner to my wife. Especially in the weekend it makes a big difference.

Go for it guys! Life is much more exciting without porn!

LINK 90 days! Life is much more exciting without porn!

By 4ho