Every morning is a better with great erections, with less feelings of stress, and no depression. Hopelessness is almost entirely gone

Well, pleased to say my physical faculties are back online. Every morning I’m woken up by, and at full-mast. I’m talking absolutely raging. Feels like a heavy log in my hand. During my day I can constantly feel it. It feels like a true extension of my body. During sex I feel it down to my inner penis, and I can go automaton, where I don’t even have to think about the sex. It just does it’s job as it should. Still not releasing during sex though to conserve my stores. If I feel it coming up, we take a 10 minute break and then get back into it. Ultimately, sex no longer feels rushed. No longer feels like I need to get to an end point. It feels like playing a sport; you have more fun playing, than you do with the end-game score.

Mentally, I still have some up and downs, which makes sense considering most of fap is a mental manifestation and not physical. But still no confidence/motivation superpowers. Every morning is a better morning, with less feelings of stress, and no depression. Hopelessness is almost entirely gone. At the moment it’s just a matter of momentary OCD anxiety and some social withdrawal, but again, way better than before. Just a matter of getting it under control day by day and pushing out of my comfort zone bit by bit.

Socializing in public has gotten to the point of annoyance where I’d like to cut conversation short yet people feel invited to continue talking. Definitely a good thing though. Just need to feel more socially comfortable to eliminate the annoyance aspect of it, but again, something that’ll come with time.

Overall, feeling great. It’s been about 3-4 weeks I think. Super powers in the form of rock hard erections that last forever and split my girl in half. But confidence and drive-based super powers have yet to be realized. At this point I’m just happy I’m not waking up wanting to shoot myself on a consistent basis.


LINK – NoFap – it truly works. Success story

by greystheday