Feeling my real feelings

Today is my 70th day. I just want to tell you guys that NoFap works. Not the same way for everyone probably. But things you need to know: You will no longer ACCEPT this bullshit and illusion. You can waste a day here and there, or some hours, but deep inside you no longer accept it.

If you are lonely, you will FEEL it with NoFap. If you have shit job, you will KNOW it with NoFap. If you wasted a lot of time in life you will FEEL it with NoFap. I mean, your mind opens for these real feelings inside you, which you were hiding with PMO and constant pleasure.

And there are two ways of handling this. It can kicks you to action, or you will relapse. It’s easier to write than do, yes. But make sure you are ready for it.

Maybe you will cry some day, when you finally accept your real emotions. Maybe you will feel overwhelmed by things you need to do. Maybe you will feel that your job is shit and you need to change it. Maybe you will feel that you no longer accept relationship you are in. There are many possibilities.

But don’t be afraid to take action, these strong feelings are here because you finally stopped cheating yourself with PMO. And don’t let these feeling led you to relapse, accept them because they are real and decide to take action.

I will probably write more once I hit 100 days, stay strong guys 🙂

LINK – 70 days – NoFap change you and make sure you are ready for it

By NoFapToday1