Felt abnormally AMAZING during sex. Pornfree is actually working!


Hi /r/pornfree. I had an eye opening experience last night and I want to share it with you guys. My girlfriend has been out of town for a few days and we both were feeling exceptionally horny when she came back. When we met at our house we made an effort to take it slow and build up the tension, connection and hence lust.

After an eternity of kissing and fondling I continued to eat her out like a bear who’s caught his first salmon after a winter of hibernation. After I (or should I say she) was done we switched to missionary and at this point we were both really into each other.

All this is pretty common nowadays in our relationship but this time something very different happened. Suddenly in the middle of our session I had a huge release of oxytocin. I felt like a warm blanked was laid on top of us which separated us from the rest of the world. In a blink of an eye my world consisted of only me, her, us.

All my work-related stress and relationship problems in the back of my head disappeared and were in turn filled with love. Pure unconditional love towards my life partner. I saw all her beauty, inside and out, and my love for her grew a tenfold. Usually during sex I like to talk dirty and we both enjoy it. This time all I could say was “I love you”. It’s not like that’s a weird thing for us to say but in this context it took her (and me too) by surprise.

If you’ve ever tried ecstasy, the feeling was EXACTLY like that. I orgasmed a few moments after that but what’s interesting is that my feelings were not caused by my orgasm but vice versa.

This was a clear sign to me that pornfree actually works. I mean I’ve seen the increased confidence and connection to my girlfriend but this… This is something I didn’t know I was able to achieve without feeling enhancing drugs.

Stay strong my brothers. Never give up. You’ll get rewarded in the end.

LINK – Felt abnormally AMAZING during sex. Pornfree is actually working! [triggering description]

by scrudit