Female – Age 28, Increased respect for men and for myself


The best result of quitting PMO cold turkey five months ago is feeling so much more appreciation and respect for men. For the first time in my life, I crave a relationship with a man that isn’t centered on the sex act.

Of course I have strong urges for that too, but I now have a new perspective that reminds me of what happens when I go that route. I literally ache for a man’s touch and attention and companionship and for the first time, I’m not seeking it out through dating and flirtation and hookups.

In fact I’m not seeking it out at all right now, because I believe that I am still in the works toward becoming a wife, before I meet my husband someday (if that’s is God’s plan for me). I am so impatient for that day to come because I am finally becoming fully woman, in preparation for finding that guy who is fully man.

I realized that by engaging in promiscuity, I wasn’t just harming myself, I was harming those men as well on a spiritual level. That’s why they call it sin, folks. It’s not an arbitrary rule thrown down from the sky – a sin is an act that harms you or others or yours/their relationship with God or defiles their humanity. Keep fighting the good fight dudes.

I started in March, relapsed a couple of times, then by April I had firmly committed to not doing it again.

Honestly, being nearly 29 I feel like my hormones have calmed down quite a bit from when I was 20, so that does help. It wasn’t an overnight process, either. Changing my mindset about sex and my body has happened (and continues to happen) very little by little every day.

I believe that your daily choices have far-reaching consequences as to what path you end up on and what people you meet.

[Reply] Yea, that’s one thing that’s really wrong with our world. Men are biologically programmed to respond to a female body, it is not your choice. It’s the way God made you, and the world we live in is torturing and degrading man and keeping him from living out his full humanity.

Women who have beaten the feminist bullcrap rhetoric are not easy to find in our world, but we are out there.

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