Female – Mid 20s – Sex is 1000x better than before


My main reason for NoFap was twofold. First, for challenging some of my confidence and social anxiety issues. Secondly was to increase sensitivity as I have been masturbating since I was 12 and none of my boyfriends have ever been able to make me O…until last night.

Won’t go into details but basically I was able to achieve my first clitoral O with a partner ever, so that’s great.

However, I wanted to get all the other benefits of no O, so I will try to not have one again for at least another 2 months. Overall, not totally disappointed in this outcome :-).

 If you think your sex parts (lol) are too desensitized just remember, eventually without M or O, you WILL start to become more responsive. It’s kinda not natural in a way to go very long without an O, so eventually something will have to give when u r with your partner. At least that’s how it was like for me.

For me, NoFap has been about regaining sensitivity as much as the benefits of going long periods without an O. I have read numerous studies about the benefits of abstinence and no O, which is what I was aiming for.

Seeing as I have a bf the no-sex part has been a challenge though he’s totally down for abstinence (for increase in productivity.) He has not PMO’d since I was telling him about NoFap and although we are somewhat aiming for abstinence, when we do have sex it is about 1,000x better than before.

Im in my mid 20s btw.

Oh and as far as other benefits I have experienced: really it’s just the focus of committing to something that has spilled into other areas of my life. Because I was able to surpass my previous “streak” of 20 days, I feel like I can go for 40 days. That increased my confidence to make me feel like I can do other things.

Currently I can’t perceive any other benefits because I have had a lot of parties/ events to go to and I have kind been drunk way too much this month. Nothing makes me feel as bad as PMO binge then a good alcohol binge so if I did experience any other benefits the alcohol lessened them for sure. This month, no alcohol 🙂

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