Finally beat HOCD and anxiety

I’ve had serious HOCD and social anxiety issues for a long time. For many years, my social life (and with that, my complete life) was seriously lacking because of HOCD and social anxiety. I couldn’t enjoy making friends, being with people, talking to people. It was a hell for many years.

I can not say that it will go exactly the same for everyone here. I’m not a specialist in this field. But I’ve been working on pornfree / nofap for around 2 years now. This last year, I’ve barely watched any porn. I do masturbate however (so no NoFap here). I’ve started to live healthier. Exercise a lot. Read more. Found new hobbies and I enjoy old ones more. Put myself in a lot of uncomfortable situations and kept my focus on what I was doing, not the anxious feelings. I put myself out there every day to become better.

And this week, very incredible, was the first week in my life that I enjoyed so many social encounters. I’ve talked with a lot of different people this week. And I enjoyed every one of them. This is probably the best week of my life.

I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t made huge steps in my professional life. I didn’t found new hobbies or interests. No, I felt healthy for the first time in many years.

I feel good. Damn, it feels good to say that.

Finally beat HOCD and anxiety