Flirted in a coffee shop today

Went to a coffee shop one day this week and made eye contact with a pretty girl. She came over to me, sat down and we talked for a few hours.

I cannot remember the last time that happened.

Now, I do not feel ready to start dating or having sex yet, so I let that opportunity pass by. I was able to enjoy a nice conversation with the girl. I cannot remember the last time that happened either.

I recognize that this was a big confidence boost. My ultimate goal is to have that confidence come from within. Continuing my reboot in an effort to keep fostering that inner strength.

I’m 31. Also, I’m an engineer and like to make lists: -before this it was PM almost every night since puberty -during that time, I have had 3 girlfriends -average length of relationship = 6 months -average time between relationships = 4 years

Suffice it to say: my romantic life is small.

I feel like a boy in a bubble. Out in public I will come across a woman and gauge her approachability. Then, one of two things happens. 1) she does not seem interested and that makes me feel “less than” or unworthy. or 2) she broadcasts some level of approachability, which triggers my fear of rejection and I do not approach, which makes me feel ashamed of my failure to seize the opportunity.

I want to break out of this funk. This reboot feels like it is waking me up. I am starting to be more comfortable in my own skin. I am starting to say Hi to people when I see them as opposed to waiting to see if they say Hi to me first.

LINK – 90 days in hard mode

 by 3thirty06