Focused, happy, no more feeling lonely


I’ve been doing nofap for the past year now, with several 30-40 day streaks but I always managed to end them around the same period because I believed I could control it or did not need it. I was wrong every time. My porn addiction was never terrible but it was certainly something I wanted completely gone from my life. I did fap almost daily but I felt terrible after, I didn’t want this feeling, this is not the person I wanted to be, I knew I could be so much better.

So before 2017 started I decided this time I am done, I had some points where I wanted to but I knew what happened to me every time I did. I’ll do my best to keep this short and list the differences I have noticed these past 91 days (my longest streak which will continue for the rest of my life). I will also share some tips on what helped me, but this may not apply to everyone so try to take what you can from what I have to offer.

Differences in my life:

Mental attitude has become significantly more positive

No more feeling lonely

Abundance of Energy (noticed that every time)

Confidence has improved (was never too low to begin with but I know what I am capable of now)

I am extremely focused now

I am extremely happy

I do not even think about porn or masturbation anymore, it never crosses my mind. My brain has just cleared out the infection that porn caused.


Meditate – I can not stress enough how much this helps not only to eliminate urges but the ability to have control over your emotional state is an extremely useful tool. There are several other benefits but I suggest looking those up to see what meditation offers

Utilize the energy you have – This is also very important, the energy you get from not fapping has to be spent somewhere or the urge to relapse will become stronger. I highly recommend watching this video, I have posted it before but it got no attention so I hope this post will be seen because it is very useful. (The video is short)

Do not focus on girls – This was my issue when I started all my streaks, I just wanted a gf or sex. I would go out constantly with the intention of getting girls and after a while it didn’t work so I would break my streak. This time I went out with the sole purpose of having fun and only fun. Turns out I got more girls not trying then I ever did trying, they just came up to me. This doesn’t mean ignore girls completely, whatever your reason for doing nofap is that is up to you. If you want to get a girlfriend then that’s fine but don’t lose yourself during the process. The main purpose, everyone’s overall goal I believe out of this journey is to improve themselves.

Take it from someone who has constantly doubted the affects of nofap and questioned whether it was even worth it, trust me this is very beneficial to the mind and the body. One thing however I ask of all of you is to have patience, this is will take time but I guarantee that the desired life you seek will be soon become a reality.

Thank you to this community and the message it upholds. Good luck to anyone who is struggling currently with this addiction and congratulations to anyone who has made it.

LINK – My 90 Days – What I’ve noticed

By TotalG