For the first time since puberty I feel like “me”


I did it! I made it to day 100! I’ve noticed a lot of changes, mainly confidence and a willingness to do the tough things that I need to do, exercising, eating right and work. Before nofap I would make endless excuses about being tired or doing it tomorrow. I don’t hesitate with women anymore, I used to over think things and end up a jibbering mess, now it just comes naturally!

As you can guess from my username, I do live in Japan and before nofap I would shy away from speaking Japanese in fear of making a mistake, now I just don’t care and my language ability has increased ten fold, even doing parents meetings on my own!

So no superpowers, just a feeling that the “real me” is coming out of this shell more and more each day and I’m loving it, I look forward to every day now and I can’t wait for BBQ season to start!! I’ll never relapse again, I love this me, I love life the way it is now! Stay strong and fight, it’s 100% worth it.

[I had PIED and] although my libido hasn’t improved much, my wife and I did “have fun” 3 times in one night at a love hotel. Basically I never feel the “need” to have sex, but if the wife approaches me for sexy times then I’m VERY interested. I think this is connected to my lack of self-confidence and horrible self body image. I look in the mirror and can’t imagine anyone finding me attractive. The answer to your question is yes, exactly how you worded it.

Well, as far as morning woods go, I have 3 dogs in the room and so the first thing I wake up to is three big idiots demanding breakfast. So it’s not the best of sexy environments. (Hence going to the love hotel…) Sex with the wife is ok because that’s one of the main reasons for me to be doing this, I want to have an active sex life.

Since I started this streak it’s the first time since possibly puberty that I’ve felt like “me”

[ADVICE] I study Japanese, I go running every day (when I’m not busy at work) I listen to a ton of music and to relax and unwind after work I enjoy a beer and some youtube or tv.

I think it’s important that we all understand WHY we want to stop PMO and why we want to change. PMO is just a roadblock in your life.

Tldr ; No superpowers, just confidence and a feeling of loving life.

LINK – Day 100 – My experiences so far.

by robjapan