Found the key after 3 years. My last post.

I’ve been at this NoFap thing for 2 years now with not much success. I always get a streak going but no matter how long or short, it always ends up with a regretful relapse. It has always been about getting a bigger streak and counting the days, trying to beat my last streak etc. “I’m on Day X, can’t wait to get to Day Y so I can get the benefits.” – nofapuser69

You see, we’ve become so obsessed on the number of days and avoiding pmo it ends up being counterproductive. Updating yourself, making reddit posts, checking counters, etc… It seems like it helps, doesn’t it? This community is full of friendly and supportive people with good intentions. However, the problem is that we’re just making things harder in the long run for each other. We are fueling each other’s demise. Half-assing a streak and then coming on here to be comforted and consoled by your NoFap peers is going to cause you more damage. The quotes and motivational posts are ironically like fapping. Just a temporary boost. It conditions you to depend on them, to the point where you look for these posts. It prevents you from looking deep inside yourself and tackling the root cause which in honest words is absolutely necessary to succeed in this. The posts about relapses are a constant reminder that it is normal to relapse. It is normal to fail.. others relapse, relapsing is possible, etc. The idea of relapse should not even be a possibility in your conscience, period. Tbh, NoFap has changed over the years. What was once a serious, self-empowering act of willpower and discipline, a catalyst for self-improvement.. is now slowly turning into a social trend of some sort. You can sign up to be fap free for a month sort of like November.. It’s a damn lifestyle, not something you dedicate a month too.

Stop. Counting. The. Days. Once you do, you become NoFap. It becomes engrained in your soul. Days don’t matter and streaks don’t matter. There is no self-doubt or anticipation of relapse, there is only NoFap. It becomes a habit, something basic.. as casual as brushing your teeth in the morning. Become grounded and focused on the things that truly matter in your life instead of counting days and repeating this cycle. Your confidence will be godlike and the avenue you decide to pour your drive into will become naturally effortless. It’s the attention you dedicate to NoFAP that ends up being your downfall. With that, this is my last post on this sub-reddit. These are my last thoughts on NoFap, I’ve found peace within myself and I’m ready to conquer the world. The key is basically, less is more. If it doesn’t hit you now it will one day, trust me. Love you all my fellow fapstronauts.

LINK – Found the key after 3 years. My last post.

by killthefap125