From mouse to someone who can sell. I trust myself now.

NoFap may even determine what my future economy [financial success] looks like! You may be thinking what the fuck? How does not fapping affect your economy? Are you fucking serious? but think about this! I was a fucking mouse, not doing anything, never determined, lazy, introverted, tried to please everyone, everyone stepped over me, my only shelter was PMO, never doing shit, never talking to girls, never trusting my looks or abilities.

started NoFap, 60 DAYS later, I’m someone new, and I have the courage to move as an exchange student next year, I’m going to enter to college and study International Business, I can sell now, I can connect with poeple, I can convince people to do or need somethings, I can talk, I trust myself and I am aiming to great future (I hope so) and want to be very wealthy, I’m honest I want to have lots of money, but I want to earn it, never corruption or abuse

if I still was the little shit I was 60 days ago I wouldve never know what to do, how to sell, maybe not even passed my current classes, and I may have never studied or studied an avergae career and have an average work where everyone steps over me, since I wasnt strong,

im not successful yet, im not rich yet I didnt “made it in life” yet I know, but I’m moving towards it, and giving it my all!! and if I was a fapper, I wouldve had zero motivation, strenght, initiave, inspiration, self esteem, and never made it,

I may have a 10% chance of being millionare now

I had 0% chance when I was a fapper

I hope I made my point clear, good luck everyone, blessings!


LINK – NoFap may even determine what my future economy looks like!

By TheDarkHero221