Funnier, More energetic, outgoing & relaxed, Think more clearly, See girls as people not sex machines

  1. -Feeling way more energetic, less sleep needed to function
  2. -More outgoing
  3. -Funnier, more relaxed when talking with others
  4. -I see girls as people and not as sex machines anymore
  5. -Girls actually approach me more, think this is because I’m overall more outgoing and approachable
  6. -More stable emotionally
  7. -Small things seem much more enjoyable (e.g drinking water after a hard workout, taking baths, having conversations with girls)
  8. -Brain is much less foggy, can think more clearly
  9. -More attentive at school/homework
  10. And lastly, NoFap also made me realise how addicted I was to other stuff like soda, social media, gaming..

Keep it up everyone, don’t indulge in your urges and you will be surprised 🙂

LINK – 7 Week Summary

by ChaseGr