Gaining muscle and feeling great (485 days)

I just logged back in here on a whim to say “hi”, and offer my congratulations to everyone who’s taking the step forward to not let their basal instincts and desires dictate the person they are, and who are moving forward day-by-day in life.

As indicated by my counter, it’s been 485 days. And it’s strange to see that because quite honestly I forgot about NoFap because…I was too busy living life to worry about masturbation. And even though I’ve gone through some tough, stressful times lately (but they’re definitely a lot better now), including my first major break up (what was weeks ago feels like a much longer time now, I’m very much OK now thanks to my relationship with God), I never really felt the urge to jump into masturbating like I would have 485 days ago.

So good on you guys for sticking to it. I’ll admit, I have a ton of energy these days, and I am doing a bulking plan (I was underweight and my body fat was stupid low for my size), gaining muscle and feeling great about my faith, life, and just…a lot of things. If little ol’ me can be happy without constantly touching the little guy downstairs, SO CAN YOU. 😉

[MORE] Hardcore was never really my thing. I didn’t really think it was that great to begin with…it’s kinda disgusting to me honestly. But I’d be lying if I said I never tried looking at it before. Because I have. And I think that can be said for every guy on the planet with hormones, really.

LINK – How Quickly We Forget (in the best way possible) 

by dancermikeroach