Age 24 – Gay – Orgasm with a partner way longer and more euphoric, I wanna find love


24 y/o. Fucking living for all this damn confidence NoFap gives ya. Seriously. As a guy who got so anxious (socially and generally) needed medication and shit. So the fact that by quitting my PMO addiction I were literally able to heal & get rid off my anxiety and depression is almost gone too, now living w/o any meds, feels soooo unreal..

It’s just so hard to know how such “normal” act would fuck up u mentally..

Yes I do realize my day count is at 1 atm lol. Relapsed yesterday when it was almost at 30days, as I had absolutely no time seeing men because all these bloody books I’m reading right now haha. I’m gay :).

But trust me when I say this. That orgasm I had was the best ever since I first found out about masturbation, not to mention the amount of cum I shot. Tbh it felt like some kinda high, indescribable.. ._. Way longer good and euphoric feeling than u usually get when jacking it daily & ur brain chemistry gets fucked.

Now why would I go back to daily jerking or jerking at all when I know how much better it can be? Especially with a partner, exactly. 🙂

Thanks to NoFap I now appreciate sex & life again, and most importantly not addicted to PMO anymore.

Love y’all, cheers. <3

I mean Idk m8 it’s like I’ve gotten to this really good point in my life, I do not wanna fap anymore. Knowing the facts helps obvi, losing hair, shit confidence etc. Not gonna say it will not happen ever again. But honestly sex is so much better w a partner and by masturbating ur only wasting ur juice lol. 😀 Now it’s more like I appreciate men and how handsome they are. :3

And I also wanna find love, someone next to me u know, more than just sex. 🙂

It’s crazy how u can rewire ur brain like this, and NoFap definitely changed me in so many ways dude, feels fucking good.

LINK – I relapsed yesterday but it does not matter, NoFap has already changed my life around, literally. Thank you.

By rauzwaiz


I mean it’s normal to like jerking and cummin when u first realise it as a kid, but if u continue, can’t stop & it becomes daily “routine” sometimes even multiple times, & even if it starts hurting u still do it – & when ur like “I HAVE TO do it again” – it is not healthy. I treated masturbation like a drug. Cannot and will not live like that anymore. My brain chemistry is so fucked – no pun intended – bc of all that meat jerking, and I thought “Oh ya this is normal, everyone does it.” jesus..

So ya the goal is better & healthier life in general, but I’m also hoping to get better hair w/o jerking it so damn much – and when I eventually “get back to it” (doin NoFap at least 1 month, hopefully going for that “magical” 90 days) things are going to be different.

It’s currently my 3rd day and day by day I just feel better and better & don’t even wanna do it anymore like I used to, quite energetic & kinda feels like I’d ve ADHD lol. I forgat how nice it’s to have energy! (sober) Like damn! 😀

TLDR: I’ve been addicted to masturbation pretty badly, made lazy af as it drained all my energy. NoFab day 3 rn & I feel fucking fantastic. 🙂