Gay – PIED seems cured: Much more energy and I feel like I love myself more

Super excited about how long I’ve gotten without porn or masturbating when I was bored. I feel like I have much more energy and I feel like I love myself more. The most success, however, I’ll say has happened in the bedroom with my boyfriend.

I have gone from losing my erection every single time I’m about to penetrate him to honestly penetrating him and enjoying myself in the act. IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!

When I first started, I was doubtful of this whole thing, but now I only see how terrible porn is. Having gone so long without masturbating excessively, I can appreciate a touch better and even a kiss better. It’s amazing.

Really wanna get to push myself and go back to school now. I think this is my next goal.

I started NoFap on 8/18/15. T

LINK – 6 weeks and I’m loving life

by Phunkie


UPDATE – Day 90 reached!!

Wow. What a crazy journey it’s been.

Started NoFap seriously about three months ago and every step of the way was just challenging myself to stay the course. But here I am. Day 90.

I wanna say that this stuff is really worth it, guys. Not only do you really experience a surge of energy early on during those first few weeks, you start to lose that daily craving for porn and jacking off that we’re so used to.

NoFap confronts you. It convicts you to look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on all the past decisions you’ve made in your life concerning porn. Then, it gives you a choice.

“Do you want to be a better person?”

And from there, your response is all you.

I do not believe I can go back to who I was before. Even if I were to pick up porn again and resume my horrible habits, my eyes have been too awakened to how unhealthy PMO truly is. However, like all drugs, I should never let my head be so filled that I start thinking I am now impervious to falling back into porn. It definitely could happen if I started making the wrong choices again. But I still am choosing not to daily. It gets easier every day. :)

Although with that said, yes, I do feel like the ‘chains’ holding me back to porn has been loosened immensely. And yes, the erections I achieve now are mouth-wateringly amazing. And yes, my confidence in bed has skyrocketed compared to how it was when I first started. :D

Here’s to many more loosened and broken chains, guys!

Let us never give up!