Got the job, was complimented for my looks for the first time


Benefits From Hard Mode Only

  • Day 5-7: Depending on how often you engaged in PMO before your streak, brain fog usually disappears.
  • Everyday: Depending on how often you engaged in PMO before your streak, the mental perception of your body becomes much more positive each day.I assume this is where most people reported their confidence from. I feel much better about my own body and face but the confidence to just randomly go up to girls and get their phone numbers has still been a struggle even before my streak. Personally, I’m not worried about doing that.

These are the only two benefits that I got from NoFap alone during my 30 day hard mode streak. I believe many of the other benefits people report come from the habits that you implement while on a streak. That’s why I want to report my successes.

Successes during my 30 days

  • Everyday: Meditated for 15 minutes. To be honest, this has barely done anything for me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
  • Everyday: Took only cold showers. I have been doing this beyond the 30 day streak and it truly is life changing. This is such a great habit to go along with NoFap. When you want to improve yourself, cold showers and NoFap alone can do 40% of the work for you.
  • Everyday: Read for 30 minutes. I’ve also been doing this beyond my 30 day streak. During this time, I finished 3 books which are Micro by Michael Crichton, Prey by Michael Crichton, and Next by Michael Crichton. Make sure you read what you want to read! Don’t just go for self-help books because reddit told you so. Read what you like and you will notice yourself reading more than the allotted time you gave yourself.
  • Everyday: Did not engage in any video game activities. I quit playing four months ago so this wasn’t much of a challenge.
  • ~Day 10: Out of twenty people that applied for a job, I was one of two that were chosen.
  • ~Day 25: Swam 300m without rest. I got into swimming around Day 5 because of Olympics and have since decided to pursue it further by swimming when I can (which was almost every day). My end goal for now is to be able to swim a mile without rest.
  • ~Day 29: Was actually complimented on my looks for the first time. I am not lying at all when I say that. Before, I thought all of you guys reporting how everyone is complimenting you was complete bullshit. It just seemed stupid to me. Who would just go up to you and tell you “Wow, your skin is glowing.” or “There’s something different about you. You look better.” But, nope. This shit actually happened to me. It was one of my family friends who said “Wow /u/AllAboutMentality, you look human!” Those exact words (except my reddit user). I don’t know if this was due to swimming, NoFap, or what. But, it fucking happened.


  • Don’t revolve your life around /r/NoFap. Yes, PMO is a serious issue. But, don’t beat yourself up over relapsing. We are humans. We make mistakes. If I were to give a percentage of how impactful NoFap has changed me, it would be 10%. The other 90% comes from good habits. Start by making good habits and then implement the long streak later on. Also, when you’re on a streak, STOP BROWSING THIS SUBREDDIT. You will get triggers the longer you continue to browse this subreddit which is completely counterintuitive but is true.
  • Start slow. Don’t expect to change yourself overnight. It will not work. Especially if you were a daily user or an addict, start your streak by telling yourself “I won’t PMO for the first five days.” If you can get yourself through that, then add another habit to the next five days. “I will take cold showers and I won’t PMO for the next five days.” Then, take it even further and further until you are content with the amount of good habits that you have given yourself.
  • Tire yourself out. When people tell you to replace your bad habits with good ones, they are not wrong. For me, personally, I had to read, meditate, take cold showers, swim, and work just so I can continue this streak. That’s five different things just to stop one bad thing – and it has paid off.

If you have any questions, let me know. Feel free to PM me too. ⅓ of my journey is complete. [These] are benefits I’ve experienced, successes during my streak, and some tips to help you get to 90 days.


How long have you been experimenting with nofap?

Since April 2016.

How old are you?


How long did you use porn?

I want to say 10? I’m not too sure but it was definitely before my teenage years.

LINK – 30 Days of Hard Mode Report – Benefits, Successes, and some tips!

By allAboutMentality