Greater ability to concentrate, think clearly, and improve my relationship with my body

The 90 days leading up to now has been a gradual improvement of my ability to concentrate, think clearly, improve my relationship with my own body, read more, and do my physically demanding job without struggle (oil field).It took over a year of failing to reach this goal.

What was I expecting? There’s no fireworks. I can’t fly like super man.

This streak was hard mode, (monk mode?). No release, no sex. I did edge a few times and did peek at porn a few times, but got over it.

I do not feel urges at all now, perhaps I have been flatlining. I find satisfaction in the fact that I fully understand how disgusting porn is now. In the last 90 days every time I have searched for porn it was a thorough turn off, not a turn on. I do get erections like a healthy male, and I thoroughly enjoy just experiencing my manhood without any other stimulation.

Part of my success was in taking my studies of the background behind masturbation and manhood seriously. Ideas such as natural reproductive processes in other mammals, effects of dissipation on nutrient and mineral balances in the body, hormonal effects, and productive capabilities of a human devoid of self-harming distractions boosted my logical reasons for continuing.

I did not cold shower. I did use a paper calendar. I marked the first day and the last day. Every day of success was marked with a big fat X with a sharpie. I also tracked wet dreams, of which I had 4. Having a dedicated, physical artifact which I can easily review and see how much progress I have made was very important for me.

In the last month I have adopted a vegan diet and lost twenty pounds. This is anecdotal, but I attribute this decision with getting to know my body better and making better decisions.

Imma keep on keeping on. Have fun, enjoy the journey.

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by AlexNo2