Greater confidence, Much happier, Deeper voice, Better grades, More female attention


I want to share my experience with NoFap for about almost 3 months now. I used to be hugely addicted to masturbation, I used to fap at least once or twice a day. My whole life was like sh*t. My grades were totally screwed up, never had a gf. I had no motivation to study, to achieve anything, I was completely lifeless.

Then I found out about NoFap I thought I would give it a try. I failed after several attempts. Then there was this particular post in which a guy had uploaded the sound of his voice- 30 days before and after NoFap. I reckon you must have heard the audio in which he says “Do Stats assignment 4, by Thursday”. I was totally overwhelmed by the change in the depth of his voice and I really wanted to go through this because I was told my voice sounds like a woman’s voice. This particular audio was my sole motivation for NoFap.

I kept going without fail and I even broke my previous record of 7 days and to my disbelief I achieved a record of 82 days before i finally gave in and relapsed. i must say, whatever people post the benefits what they have observed during their attempts, is 101% true. This is a completely legitimate movement which definitely brings positive results. Here are some of the results i observed:

  • Confidence – I felt a huge boost in confidence wherever I was. There is this ability to maintain eye contact while speaking to people, say the right words at the right time, say only what is necessary (not say too much stuff) etc. I wanted to go out more, meet new people etc.
  • Being Happy all the time- You become so freaking happy all the time!! When I used to fap, I had this constant thought in my head that i was completely useless so i used to be depressed all the time. After NoFap, you become happy every minute of the day. You love everything around you; you start to understand the value of life. I started loving my parents, a lot more than during the time i used to fap. There was absolutely no trace of depression. You start caring less about what bothers you. Suddenly I didn’t care that i didn’t have a girlfriend because i enjoyed some good quality company with my friends. ‘Not giving a f*ck’ becomes your mantra to stay happy.
  • Willpower – At first during NoFap, it felt very difficult to get a good grip on it. But later on it was very easy to refrain from masturbating. I found an increased sense of willpower at everything. Be it gaming or watching TV or social media, eating junk food etc. Cold showers help a lot.
  • Deepened Voice – This was one of the main reasons I started NoFap. Yes, my voice deepened. But this happened only after I hit 60 odd days, not after 30 days according the guy with audio. But I guess, it varies from person to person.
  • Increased grades – With better willpower, comes better concentration and thus higher grades.
  • And finally the best benefit and the most shocking benefit I have observed – “Overwhelming increase in female attention”. Next time when a guy says that women have started observing him lot after NoFap, believe it because it’s true. Whenever I go out, I get a lot of stares from women. And this happens almost every time. I’m not exaggerating but this is actually true.

Well, I relapsed a few days ago. I thought I could try the 90 day challenge again but I was so wrong. I relapsed again today and now I feel like I fell into the same hole I was trying to crawl out from. I have started to feel depressed again; I don’t know what to do. I had so much going for me and now I feel like I have nothing. Guys, please help and tell me how can i proceed?

LINK – 90 Days Almost Results-Before and After.