Greater energy, Insomnia seems cured, I can definitely say nofap helped me focus and complete my degree, Better at video games


I recently hit 90 days hardmode on Jan 1 and have been on nofap on and off for about a year and a half. My longest streak before was about 80 days. Some benefits I noticed:

  • Insomnia – I used to have alot of trouble falling asleep and would take doses of melatonin in order to do so. I no longer need any melatonin and sleep much better.
  • Better at online video games. I’m more focused and quicker than I was before. I play a lot of competitive online games and I definitely notice I play better when on longer nofap streaks.
  • Latent energy – I can literally feel the sexual energy making me more focused and awake, I used to feel tired more often.
  • Gym- to be honest I don’t notice a huge difference at the gym on and off streaks but I am the strongest that I’ve ever been.
  • General Life benefits – I struggled in school for awhile and finally finished my degree this year, I can definitely say nofap helped me focus and get it done.

Also a tip, don’t smoke weed if you are trying to go on a long streak, it was a trigger for me and made me break a few streaks that were 1 month or more.

I had never struggled with PIED or any problems like that but nofap ended up being an experience of self-discipline. I will continue my streak and see how I feel in the coming weeks.

For those skeptical just go 2-3 weeks and you will start to see benefits in some of your daily activities. GL

LINK – Just hit 90 days, some benefits and thoughts.

by dogm0de