Guys speak up about short-term changes other people notice


Currently on day 19 and visited my parents for dinner tonight (I see them every couple weeks or so). While eating and chatting it up with them, my dad made a comment saying that he has never seen me this present and in the moment before (i’m 29 years old). I looked him in the eyes and I felt like he almost somehow knew about the transformation I’ve been currently going through with NoFap (but I had never mentioned it to them).

I kinda freaked out so I just said, “what do you mean?” and he said that usually I’m always just spacing out and not really living in the moment, but something just seems different with me tonight.

Completely blew my mind away.

Only been doing NoFap for little over 2 months and was the first time someone mentioned a noticeable difference in my behavior. That’s just more fuel for the fire to keep the flame alive and keep pressing on with the transformation journey! This nofap stuff is like CRACK!

I never knew I was one to like space out or anything! But I think the biggest benefit I noticed myself was the ability to fall asleep at the decent time. Too many times I  found myself up until 2,3am looking at porn. After giving it up, I was falling asleep between 10-11pm, getting a FULL nights rest. You’d be amazed what a different  person you are when you get an appropriate amount of sleep 🙂

LINK – Dad noticed something different with me today

By we_are_the_lucky_one

Replies from others:

  1. Yes some people do notice about you being different. After two months of nofap my boss stared at me and told me with a startled expression on her face: “you feel better don’t you ?…You did something..” Another time after a one month streak, at the synagogue a man told me : “Looks like you’re getting better. One must stay strong”. Of course I hadn’t told anything to them neither about my addiction nor about my sobriety. permalink
  2. Im on my 12 and starting to FEEL a difference, and feeling more confident with my self, just not giving a shit about anything and being in the moment and not seeking approval or attention. permalink
  3. I had this happen to me several times recently. People spontaneously coming up to me and starting conversations, and a much better relationship with my parents. About a month ago I was in a club with a friend and he asked me what was up with me, and why I was getting so much attention from the other gender. And lastly a couple weeks ago a coworker asked me how long I had been working there and said it was odd she had never noticed me before. Increased presence, or perhaps a healthier, less receding attitude, is really something I have been noticing, and for this reason alone I could not imagine going back. permalink
  4. Yeah, my mum noticed that my motivation to go to the gym is higher than before. “I don’t know you like this.”. Usually I hate it, but with nofap I have so much energy and I have to use that energy for productivity, otherwise the urges use that energy. permalink
  5. A few weeks into my journey, my mom said something very similar to me. It confirmed that there really is something to this site and lifestyle. That validation changed a lot for me. Keep it up dude! permalink
  6. I’ve had this happen 2 times to me by my co-workers. both times around 4 weeks of nofap, they thought i was different and they asked if i had a new girl friend. I was like “euuh.. no”. 😛 permalink