Gym performance up, eye bags gone, more compliments


It’s finally happened, I’ve completed 90 days nofap. A recount of everything that’s happened during that time:

  • Entered into Masters course for Applied Finance
  • Read 12 books during that period, average page per book was 322
  • Started going to the gym on day one and couldn’t lift, squat or deadlift. Now I do an Average of 155lbs to 200lbs for all three exercises.
  • I’ve never had a problem with women, but I have had more compliments during the period on nofap. Mostly along the lines of, have you been working out? I think the Gym has had more effect on appearances than just straight abstinence. Though I do look less like a zombie, no more eye bags for example.
  • Realising that the 90 day period is literally the tip of the iceberg, there’s a host of problems that I’ve been burying under PMO – purposely neglecting. But now I’m coming to terms with them and making an effort to try solve them one at a time.

For everyone else doing nofap, I really hope you guys can make it. There’s really no easy way of doing this, I mean when a person really wants something they’d go for it regardless of obstacles and distractions; so sometimes your tactics to beat PMO might not work and you give in.

But if you pause and realise that even if after the cold shower and the jog that the urge is still there, then you’re not answering the core problems that lie beyond PMO within you. That urge is just how bad you want something, I mean it just goes to show if you want to be a millionaire that bad then seriously it’ll happen if you approached it with the same desire and tenacity that you know is inside you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you want it bad enough, you’ll find some way to achieve it, and I was lucky enough to channel that lust and desire within me for PMO; that energy into the other aspects of my life. Effectively, I’ve rediscovered my lust for life. I’ve absolute confidence that my badge will read 365, this streak will go that long and beyond. I hope everyone else finds something useful in this post and looks beyond the rambling. All the best.

LINK – 90 days achieved!!

By everester