Holy shit guys….I actually love myself!

I’m at 160+ days right now, and I’m starting to actually love myself. Not the “I love myself if I do this”. This love is “I love myself regardless of who I am or who am I becoming”. During the years of masturbating and watching porn, I hated myself and I wanted to kill myself, but now there’s hope for me and a better future of myself.

To anyone reading this who can’t pass even a week or reached 90 days and still didn’t get the benefits. The benefits will come if you simply keep going. I haven’t felt this feeling in a long time.

You can be skeptical about nofap and still do nofap. I speak from experience. I did nofap to overcome my porn and masturbation addiction, and I still thought that the women attraction doesn’t work. I was wrong(150 days).

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By  Balles321