Honestly feel healthier and more alive

After about the 2nd month I have barely realized how long it has been. I feel a lot better and my self confidence has boosted tremendously. I have been able to have conversations with girls without mentally undressing them. Here’s just some more pros and cons of my experience so far.

Pros: Honestly feel healthier and more alive Not wanted to bone every girl I meet Not embarrassed to be around others I smell better My “showers” are no long 30 minutes long

Cons: Unsure of what to do with all my spare time Spontaneous raging boners remind me of middle school Too many girls are interested in me now I’m expected to actually interact with other humans in real life

I started when I was around the age of 13. Got to the point where I couldn’t sleep until I watched some… I had a serious problem.

LINK — It’s been over three months. Here’s how I feel.

by Dr_Rope