“How did you change so suddenly?”


So last night, I was invited to a Halloween party from some old classmates in highschool. Take note that these people aren’t my main homies or friends, we were simply friends. I was even surprised I got invited to such an event. So a little bit later in the party, they decided to play “Truth or Drink”.

Now I absolutely hate alcohol so I had to choose truth every time. Since these people didn’t really know too much about me I thought it should be easy for me and then the very first question I got was ” How did you change so suddenly?”(translated from native language)

They were all telling me how I was way different now compared to how I was then. They said I’m way more approachable and kind and many other good things that I haven’t even noticed myself. I simply answered “Abstinence from porn, masturbation and other addictions I had before”

I was honestly pretty shocked when I heard that question but they were also really surprised themselves with my answer. They congratulated me and smiled but the road isn’t over yet!

It was good to know people actually notice the changes when I haven’t noticed as much myself. The past few weeks for me have been pretty awful as I’m slowly losing my WHY. After yesterday though, I feel regenerated and and motivated again. I’m regaining the WHY to keep me going. It’s still a long way ahead but regardless I’m thankful for what happened yesterday and for all of you Fapstronauts in this community helping me push harder every single day 🙂

LINK – They actually noticed 🙂

By ForTzuyu