How I overcame my incest fantasy! /r/NoFap is my hero.

I should actually thank /r/nofap for achieving this. Like most of the people who watch incest, I never wanted to do it in my life but that fantasy always made me feel good whenever I fapped. It was like I can’t fap to no other thing if it does not contain any incest material. I used to fap like twice a day and incest was the only thing which gave me the pleasure.

I think it was because I watched a lot of porn and when normal porn was not enough for me, I started looking for more weirder shit and couldn’t agree with BDSM or shit like that and ended up with incest fantasies. Now, after reaching nofap, I fap like once in a week or so and I am in total control of it. So, as I am just fapping once in week even soft porn is enough for me to get a good relief and don’t want to go to the incest extent for that extreme pleasure.

So people, I have to say just this, if you are addicted to some weirder shit like incest, BDSM, bestality, paedophilia and want to get out of those, try this nofap challenge and see the amazing result. Above all, your own inner desire to get away from that fantasy is required. Otherwise, even nofap can’t help you there. I don’t see the point in for not masturbating at all and that’s why I am masturbating like once in 10-20 days.

Also, the very reason I entered nofap is to get away from my incest thoughts and I am really glad that I was about to overcame my incest thoughts. One more thing I have to say is, go do some work and get engaged whenever you can. If you are not free and if you are tired like after some games or gym, you won’t be masturbating at all. Get engaged, be more productive and nofap!

LINK –How I overcame my incest fantasy! /r/NoFap is my hero.

by gokugo51


INITIAL POST – Incest help. No Fap help

I have been addict to this porn since 13 and I became an addict to incest porn from 17 when I accidentally read an incest erotic story. From that day onwards, incest is always my favorite. Nothing ever comes close to that. And now, I think it’s time to stop all that nonsense away from my life and to start a new one. I know it will be hard, but I will try my level best to get away from it. I have even peeked into my sister while she was dressing and I have seen her full nude like for about 5 or 6 times. I think her ripe pink areolas makes me hard all the time.

Even this Emily England and her brother show in Britains Got Talent arouses me a lot. I always wonder about their life. I even masturbated to it. Like, Emily England having sex with her brother after a great show. She is too revealing and never minds to post her nip slip kind of photos and I wonder whether his brother is fapping to those pictures. But I don’t want to do it anymore. I need to lead a normal life like the most folks out here.

I know it will be hard to stop watching porn all of a sudden. But this community will be able to help me now, I suppose. There are a lot of other fantasies and I hope I will hook on to something. I have tried BDSM and all. It never really turned me on like incest does. Maybe, no one to talk to about this might have lead this worse. But from today onwards, I would like to tell my progress in this thing.

I need your help fapstronauts. Please encourage me not to do it. Incest is killing my life. I will be updating my status whenever I can and I am ready to answer your questions.