How I Recovered from HOCD

Quick brief intro — So I got HOCD by looking at a man’s junk, who was having sex with a female. I thought to myself why was I looking at that guys junk? Am I gay? Was I aroused? Then the obsession of “possibly being gay” came about. I obsessed and obsessed. If anyone can relate, if your reading this I’m sure you know how obsessions and compulsions work.

How I recovered — I first gathered evidence to use to against the probability of me being gay. Once I gathered enough.. I logically concluded I have a lot more reason to believe in straight rather than gay. (Although it’s important to know that there really is no way to determine if someone is straight or not etc.. Otherwise we would be able to know scientifically right away when a baby is born if they are straight or gay. You get what I’m saying?) So after I got the evidence I was able to recognize and Categorize the obsession as “just a thought” an “imaginary fear” that is nothing significant. I then stopped caring if the intrusive thoughts came because they held no weight; they simple were just intrusive thoughts. I stopped checking and doing compulsions. Now I’m free. Fuck that shit.

You guys can get out of this.

LINK – Recovered from HOCD

by Bronzebar