How things changed and I restored myself: A few thoughts from experience


My time was full of mistakes, ups and downs, confusion, almost edging experience, fantasy and so many things. How ever each blow taught me something new, made me more strong, and gave me that push to ask people here in NoFap, people’s view and response were just amazing.

Note: This report of mine isn’t a guide, rather it’s my experience and what I learned and what I wish to share to new Fapstronaut to make their little bit easy. I can be mistaken about a lot points, so do your contribution in pointing out please.

Attitude and Determination

Probably it was one my biggest weak point, I started this with wrong attitude to porn and even less determined. I thought I just need to stay away from PMO for some time to restore then can again go back to enjoy my time. You see, I promised myself to get back to those time to enjoy PMO. It didn’t help at all, rather it created a problem that is continuously checking/trying my erection, I got depressed, made myself pressurized.

  • One shouldn’t think no PMO is a part of life, rather it’s the normal life.
  • Don’t put yourself under some test every now and then.
  • Everyone is different, so your healing can be faster/slower than some.
  • There is nothing called ‘hard mode’, I believe differentiating between is a wrong action. This so called ‘hard mode’ is the only way.

Expectation and reality:

I have mentioned this in one of 2 months report. We get to read a lot about superpower people develop just after they stop PMO, and keeps on building our expectation on it and that too leads to depression once the expectation doesn’t meet.


  • I expected a pair of wings.
  • Power to fly.
  • Wet dreams every night, perhaps even during my day power naps (I know sounds disgusting but I thought I produce toooo much sperms)
  • Random girls coming and crushing on me.
  • Became Arnold Schwarzenegger as i started working out even


I achieved none of this, sounds weird? But its the truth, except the normal wet dream circle which is almost once in every week, nothing changed.

We need to understand that every person is different, so is his healing power and his reaction. Don’t build your expectation based upon someone else, your completley different identity with different hormone, DNA, psychology. This journey isn’t like a job that if you try hard you can achieve end result, rather its opposite. Go with the flow, embrace the little change you have.

Only NoFap? No,change you complete lifestyle

There is a great quote “Dream for a dream, a dream full of dreams”. When you commit yourself to NoFap, I believe it also gives you opportunity to open up a lot of different possibility. When I started NoFap, I started making changes to daily lifestyle slowly:

  • I started working out daily, because its a healthy habit and it will also help me sleep rather then getting into staying up late and watch porn.
  • I changed my diet. No sugar because it raise the Dopamine level, more of fruits/vegetables, plenty of nuts, dates etc. The change is diet I have done from two side, one side simply went to healthier side of eating which is fruits, vegetable, no sugar etc. and other side was to eating things which helps sexual health, like walnut, cashew, dates for increasing blood flow, sperm health etc.
  • Read, learn and act. Believe me its fun. When I say read, I literally mean reading like old times, not in smartphone/laptop. I have my reason from experience to support. I found that reading/learning from a smartphone/laptop is really distracting, because your constantly bombarding with new ads tailored made for you, headlines, video/audio etc. This makes is hard to focus, one just go from this to that, but with a physical newspaper/magazine/book it’s not the case.
  • Pick up a hobby. Anything you like.

Fantasy; worse then Fapping

Yes, it’s worse than fapping. It’s your own porn-production house. I have fallen into this really badly. Even after 2 months of NoFapping, I was fantasizing like a regular porn watcher though it never took me to PMO, but after 2 months one day it just didn’t allow me to sleep, and I ejaculated without touching my penis after hours of fantasying. Next day I posted in NoFap asking people about it, and it was clear that my brain literally made its own version of porn within my head.

I had to start practicing no-fantasy. Believe me this was like a capstone. This elevated the silent pressure I had to watch every girls out there in the street and try to get erection. It took away the irritated feeling i always used to feel at myself.

Few advise to new Fapstronauts:

  • Isolation is never an answer rather get engaged to different things.
  • Flatline is a friend
  • Everyone is different.
  • Change your whole life.
  • Don’t make expectation, rather go with natural flow.

Who am I today?

Today I am just a normal guy who I used to before I get into porn. I have time to do a lot of works, doesn’t get weird feeling when I see a random women, normal wet dream circle restored, spontaneous hard erections happens without literally thinking, morning wood every day, can concentrate at my work, feels more calm, building endurance and strength through workout, reading/learning everyday, positive about life.

In comparison to what others achieved mine may seems really insignificant but I believe that much is what I needed and those were enough. I didn’t get to see/feel whether girls are getting interested on me or not, but that even doesn’t feel like something I should be thinking now.

Keep up guys, it pays you on time

LINK – How things changed and restored myself 🙂 few thoughts from experience

by xhridoy