Huge improvements in depression, energy, social anxiety & brain fog. Enjoy music & movies a LOT more. Became charismatic & confident

-Having dreams. Before I didn’t have any dreams let alone vivid dreams but now I have dreams every time I sleep and they’re the most realistic ones I’ve ever dreamed (no pun intended) of having.

-Recovering from depersonalisatio /derealisation (also known as brain fog). This is too complex to explain here but in a nutshell, it is a severe feeling of unreality throughout daily life which comes from a lot of things but I’ve realised, mostly from PMO-ing for hours straight, even for more than once a day.

-Had a HUGE improvement on my depression from which I suffered for years. I couldn’t enjoy music, movies, conversations, jokes, pretty much anything. The only things I actually enjoyed were alcohol and cigarettes, disgusting.

-Suffered from severe social anxiety, couldn’t talk to strangers without having a shivering voice or cold hands. Talking with strangers was literally hell and the worst part about this was that it never went away, no matter how hard I tried using endless ways, from drinking alcohol to forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone. No matter how much I tried, it always came back. Nowadays I can talk to strangers without any problem whatsoever, people actually sense my broad tolerance and openness (which has also improved a LOT since NoFap since I was a lot colder person before). Before I had trouble looking people straight in the eye but now I look them straight into the eye with no trouble whatsoever.

-I became a lot more energised and started doing shit. Started running, started the gym, started to get into a lot better shape, started to finally get shit done at school, the list goes on. In a nutshell I started to get a fuck load of things done.

-Became unbelievably charismatic, confident, added with social skills which is definitely a plus in developing relationships with other people, women included. Need I explain what women think of my charisma and confidence?

-Started to enjoy music and movies a LOT more! Music sounds so good I sometimes just close my eyes and enjoy how beautiful it sounds like. I watch so many movies, including comedies and enjoy them a lot.

The list could go on and on. Please do ask me about a certain part of my life and I’ll tell you how NoFap has changed me. I understand some of you people won’t believe some of the things I stated but I can tell you, if you PMO for every single day for HOURS for almost a decade, it will have effects on you. And when quitting PMO, those endless negative effects will vanish, leaving only positive ones to you.

Thank you.

LINK – All of my benefits from NoFap listed

by Turkulainen