Husband – 3 year recovery “Clouds have been removed”

It’s been a long and hard journey since I made the decision to walk away from internet porn in December 2012. In fact, it took me until April 2015 to finally let go.

My wife and I found Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow back in January. We bought two copies, I’ve read mine at least three times all the way through. Since then my wife and I have been able to break through so many barriers we didn’t even know we had! We’ve been able to dramatically reduce the negative patterns in our lives and create a harmonious relationship with ourselves, each other and the world at large.

My career as a self-employed accountant is beginning to take off and I expect my monthly income to double by the end of the year. It isn’t any “super power” that has magically been bestowed; it’s simply that clouds have removed to the sun that was already shining the whole time.

It’s not like this stuff just magically takes away urges or temptations; sometimes they are so heavy you can barely breathe. But it’s about knowing that you are bonding with another human being who shares your same values, goals and direction. It’s about realizing that together you are on your own spiritual journey and it’s worth far more than the small pleasures that your biology can give you.

The calm peace that bonding provides my family is something that I cherish and value more than anything else in this world. It’s just what I needed to live again.

LINK – Almost 100 days

by keygrove