I am achieving my goals, Clear mind, Full of contentment, I laugh louder, I can sit with girls calmly


After 78 Days, I Experienced Many Benefits. It’s not just about women; it also involves the improvement in other areas of life. In these Days

  1. I laughed a Louder.
  2. Sat with girls calmly.
  3. Looked people in the eyes.
  4. Instead of being jealous, I praised other people, friends etc.
  5. Soothing Mind.
  6. Not having any False ideas in my head.
  7. Clear mind. Full of contentment
  8. I want to increase my height, but I am fully contented with my present height(5.37). Bcz I am giving my full effort, if increase of height destined then it will be.
  9. I am achieving all of My Goals.

Hey! It’s my last and first day of another streak. I will never look Back. I.A.

I want some accountability partners whether male or female. Anyone here?

LINK – 71 Days- An attempt to put into words what is happening

by whtsnext