I am now much stronger, confident, clean, believe in myself, have a will for life

Today is day 91! Not only has NoFap spirit helped me to not PMO, but has also permeated myself. I am now much stronger, confident, clean, believe in myself, have a will for life and progression to make this place better, and to inspire people around me.

I would like to thank the community here for being here with me along this rocky road =). But alas now the road is no longer as rocky =).

And My favorite man, Arnold Schwarzenegger for keeping me inspired, Cro-Cop, Georges St. Pierre, all those great men, and God Almighty!

I feel like I have really really done well since 90 days ago in December of my disgusting poor excuse for a man, sitting in my own filth, perving, jacking off to pigs on the screen….Wasting my energy, playing stupid ass computer games. Smoking 15
cigarettes each day, and getting drunk all the time.

I feel that we are all Gods sacred creatures, the birds, the bees, the trees, the insects too. No other animal in nature does as we humans do so perversely warping the sexual function and nature. IN effect this PMO garbage we have been so seductively and secretly sucked into has in effect been a machine for sucking our life energy out of us; to make us beings of non-action, no-energy, frankly a waste of a life… Now I feel this life restored to me, as it should be. Next my goal is never to MO again! And IM gonna do it. ONly women will be getting me off, as it ought to be. Again here, what animal in nature does this masturbation?? Must be few or bar none.

It’s time to transform ourselves, our energy into light of heaven, not the lower realm of hedonism, filthy sex acts. Through this we can realize our full potential. I have great ideas from this NoFap. We are on the right track, for for this liberation of our most potent life force comes the most potent power!

LINK – DAY 90 NO PMO! Legends are made from Iron and sweat!

by Gladiatori