I am over-confident, outgoing, fit, get girls – But I still experienced many benefits.

I have finally reached 21 days after a lot of short 5-12 day streaks in-between. My highest streak being 47 days! Anyone who denies the benefits of Nofap must be in some serious self denial because these “superpowers” are real.

Now let me tell you I am a quite attractive young guy (many people have told me both girls and guys, friends/strangers) I do not have social anxiety, I am over-confident (sometimes too much I admit) I am always the most social out going guy when I go out. My job requires being social all day. I have a naturally fit body. I get with girls without breaking sweat.

The purpose here isn’t to toot my own horn (okay maybe a little) but point being: You will ask – Is there benefits for someone who is confident, attractive, out-going and gets girls? DAMN STRAIGHT THERE IS!

  • Energy Ever since i have stopped PMO I now have a ton more of energy. I have started working out intensely in these past 3 weeks; the gains have been incredible already!
  • Skin is a lot smoother, has a kind of glow about it and no acne at all.
  • Hair is thicker, feels nice and facial hair grows a lot quicker
  • Voice is deeper and has a stronger tone about it, before when i spoke people wouldn’t hear me very clearly, now I speak with a lot more boom.
  • Eyes are a lot sharper like a wolf and have so much more life in them. Before when I was pmo’ing they looked more zombie-like and drained now they have this electricity in them!!
  • Attention/Vibe/Energy/Aura i don’t know how to describe it. Now as I said I am an attractive guy and the way i dress reflects this so I naturally get stares/smiles but when I am on a streak the attention from the girls is something else. It’s amplified by 10. The stares, the glances, the smiles just when I walk into a shop is incredible. This also creates a kind-of-snowball effect where my confidence increases when I notice this and they pick this confidence up and so it continues.
  • Spiritually Having an active pray-life is my best weapon without Jesus Christ I couldn’t have gone this far, God has truly strengthened me.

Now NoFap will not hand you everything on a silver platter you must take what is yours. The benefits above are a combination of cold showers, good eating, working out, sleeping better etc. So get your life back, NoFap is a catalyst to start improving it, use it as fuel and motivation. Don’t give up, keep going strong guys even if it feels like it’s not worth it, I’ll tell you it gets better, it’s guaranteed, this is a battle worth fighting, do it for yourselves you deserve a greater YOU! God bless.

TL:DR For someone who seems to have good things going for him there is still many benefits from NoFap. You don’t need to be socially awkward, anxiety riddled, depressed out-of shape PIED suffering guy to get on board.

LINK – 3 Week Report – Superpowers/Benefits Are Real!

by Tsoliades90