I believe I’ve just removed the factors that have kept me from realizing what I could be

I’ve jotted down some of my thoughts and experiences on this journey. I’ve made it this far and I will make that number continue to go up- sky’s the limit! (That rocket ship is my goal.)

Well, here is what I’ve gotten:

  • I find I don’t believe in superpowers. Rather, I believe I’ve just removed the factors that have kept me from realizing what I could be. Who I could be.
  • It gets easier. It really does.
  • Watching porn is not a victimless crime. You are the victim. Your relationship with others is the victim. Those young women are the victim. They don’t want to be doing that, and even if you watch on free websites, ‘not monetarily contributing’, they still profit from you on advertising. All in all it’s still tacit acceptance.
  • That girl you like. Would she feel lucky if you asked her out? If not, you have work to do. Not fapping is an excellent place to start. For me, nofap was the catalyst that pushed me to be a better man, a more involved student, and harder working individual in general. I’m happy to say I started to date the girl I’ve liked for almost a year at about the 45 day mark (I started nofap last semester but haven’t made it past ~20 days until now). It wasn’t until I was able to improve myself that I think she became subconsciously open to the idea of a romantic relationship with me. I know some people are adamant that ‘out of your league’ doesn’t exist, but ehh it kind of does, and this girl was out of mine. Perhaps no longer! This process of self improvement for me took place over months of failed runs, but especially in the past 90 days.
  • Cheesy as it is, I’m just really looking forward to spending time, talking with this girl on our next date.
  • Set high goals! You just might surprise yourself with what you’re capable of, what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.
  • Cold showers go from terrible to bearable to almost comfortable with enough time. I recommend them.
  • Patience! Patience is key. Things might not go your way, and perseverance will always serve you well.
  • Making the decision to try nofap is a major step unto itself. Run with this! What’ve you got to lose?
  • Try something new, go out of your comfort zone. I used to have the same longish hair for like 11 years, and got a short haircut ~5 months ago. I received a lot of positive comments about it. I used to wear a gray baseball hat most days- I’ve since ditched that and have tried to elevate my personal style in other ways too, and in my humble opinion I think it’s worked pretty well. Dressing well can give you more confidence. It did for me.
  • Please PM me if there’s anything I can do for you- this community has helped me pretty significantly.

-Your fellow fapstronaut and friend, Cobalt___

LINK – Notes from a 90 day report.

by Cobalt___