I feel fully charged every day, comfortable with myself and with women

  1. Energy levels are high and constant. Developed good posture.
  2. Confident everyday, in every situation. Strong sense of inner power. Comfortable being who I am.
  3. Better health, skin, hair, eyes are bright and shiny.
  4. Not objectifying women. Just letting things be as it is naturally. Not preoccupied with sex or indulging in sexual fantasies.
    Since all cells, and all life is born of sex. Sexual energy itself is of the same energy. It depends on how you use it. Just from my current understanding. 🙂

1) I sleep much less compared to the past, and feel fully charged everyday. I feel a high energy level throughout the day, I dont experience any lows or tiredness. So naturally I move with ease, in whatever I do and good posture just comes with it.

4) If I see a woman, I dont think fantasize about her (unlike before). I see her as another human being. My attention doesnt wander off and think about sex. To explain clearer, Im naturally relaxed the same way I see a man as I see a woman.

[Tips?] 1) By urges, if you mean the urge to watch porn, or masturbate, I don’t. I fully understand where it all leads to. Using logic and reason makes this a lot easier (compared to the past when I either used willpower or suppression). I do have strong sexual desires though! However, I don’t indulge in sexual fantasies. I just allow it to come and go. Over time, these fantasies got weaker and faded away.

2) I don’t intentionally think about all the porn I’ve watched. If I have to think about “porn flashbacks” now, it comes in in a neutral way, not in sexual way that my body has to react. It comes in the same way I recollect my childhood now or the dream i had last night. For example, I stumbled onto porn earlier while searching for images, i feel neutral about it.

This is going to be contradicting: I will feel sexual excitement. But at the same time, a part of me doesn’t lust over it. To keep it really short, I have a understanding towards sex. And i exercise this discrimination by being aware of myself. That said, in real life I dont have that desire to let my eyes wander about. The control comes in as time goes by.

3) I’ll stay [on NoFap] this year. It was useful and it has helped me in the past.

I read a lot, and keep myself busy at learning new thing.. Used logic and reason. I try to be aware of myself as well. It worked better for me, rather than willpower or suppression.

I started porn at 15-16.

LINK – Day 200+++ some basic benefits

By nofapper432