I feel good, not god-like, but a distinct kind of good. I feel Awake.


183 days of improvement. 183 days of production. 183 days of gears moving, wheels spinning, cognitive conveyor belts moving with no sluggish afterthought every relapse. 183 days of living. I didn’t do this to get a girl. I didn’t do this to get rid of any “anxiety” I’ve had. I did this because I wanted more time. The hours wasted on PMO are sinkholes that suck you in and spit you out in that same tired, disappointed state EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Wake up. School. Home. No porn. Run. No porn. Work. No porn. Eat. No porn. Leisure. No porn. Sleep. Repeat.

I live my life by the idea that if something provides no benefit to you, you cut it off, completely. That’s what I did. I’m proud of myself for it. I feel good, not god-like or anything close to what some people will report on here, but a distinct kind of good. I feel Awake.

It’s not a miracle, or a cure for anything, or even a fix. What it is though, is a step. The point I’m trying to make is, look past the easy success stories that people preach here. Instead realize the immensely important idea that you have put your mind to something for the betterment of yourself and yourself only. Understand that you have made a conscious and commanding decision on the most powerful force that is desire. You will conquer the idea that impulse is greater than reason. You will rise above the primal nature of your body for the betterment of your mind.

You won’t see success, but you will see a clear message: You are in control.

LINK – 183 days. My Thoughts.

by ButterSaget