I feel less anxious in general, more confident and more authentic

So about 4 months ago nofap was revealed to me. Ive watched the famous ted video(and shortly after the Ran Gavrieli one which is equally important) and immediately got into it.

Its like ive already knew it, but needed the slap. Same day i started my own challenge my 120 days of forced hard mode sadly, hehe.

Yeah so truly im into self-help lately, even though i got a bit sick of it. I don’t wanna live my life by the book. But I know I have some troubles. Sexual intimacy and even a mild one was hard for me, Id get anxious and shaking. I think my confidence was really low at the time. My libido was low, I did not enjoy masturbation and worst i have not felt attractive.

OK now. Challenge was hard, but not as ive expected. At start id get massive dopamine rush at every sexual content id get to see(sex scenes, things you bump into them) but this has calmed down. Though id say i do try to avoid sexual content, depends if find it artistic or not.

Nofap does influence me good, I feel less anxious in general, more confident and more authentic with myself. I know I took a massive decision here. Im now dilemming bout rather to continue the hard mode or rather to masturbate again. Actually masturbation isnt that missing, though my libido is going strong. Easier when you get laid:)

Well that about that, Ive been imagining for a long time(4 montshs hehe) how it would be to write that post. feels awesome, fuck we did it! Thanks 🙂

Link – Nofap. My Experience.

by demi2k