I feel like my older, happier, less stressed, “real” version of myself. Fear has dropped dramatically.

I thought I’d share my own experience and how I got to this point. After 90 days there are 2 main things that I believe have changed about myself.

  1. I feel like my older, happier, less stressed, “real” version of myself.
  2. Fear has dropped dramatically. Fear of rejection, fear of failing, fear of whatever. I feel like if I were to fail at something, I wouldn’t get too hung up about it. And when something doesn’t go perfectly, I don’t fall into a spiral of self-pity and self loathing like I stupidly used to. I now see the positives which my brain used to ignore. My anxiety seems to be fading away.

By no means expect NoFap to be a miracle cure for any problems that you may have, but what it can do is strip away a lot of the bullshit that has kept dragging you down for too long, until only the real you remains. And once you get to this point, you can start to mould yourself into the person you want to be. It might sound like bs if you’re just starting out, but believe me when I say it’s true.

You need to tell yourself enough is enough. Don’t even think about the possibility of relapsing, because now it isn’t an option. Move on from your old, regretful habits that gave you a skewed perception on reality.

Your journey has already begun. No excuses… You can do this.

LINK – 90 days report… No Fear

by RisingSun101