I feel more human, Social anxiety nearly gone, Women are always checking me out

Can’t believe I’m actually on 90 days. But the number of days is no longer of any great importance to me. I seem more focused on getting things done and actually living life as opposed to accumulating days on nofap, before nofap I was pretty much a procrastinator and I was living quite a sedentary lifestyle.

What I can say is 90 days made me feel more human, I am a bit more engaged with people instead of walking around like a zombie just nodding till they shut up so I can go about my business.

The women see me more as a sex object now lol, they check out my body, this was before I even started working out 3 times a week… nofap seems to increase your testosterone for faster muscle gains and I can attest to that as I feel stronger with each lift and I intend on increasing the weights next week.

I no longer have to try so hard, I just smile much more easily, and I have a dimples in my cheeks which wasn’t present before… I barely have any nerves whatsoever, which is amazing considering how anxious I was in social situation prior to nofap.

It’s mind boggling, but my porn urges are gone, can’t remember last time I thought of watching porn but I do have urges whenever I think of some of my go 2 hot porn stars I used to watch, I tell my brain “no don’t you go there” when I think about their juicy asses. I have to condition myself to only respond to real life asses. When you abstained from porn and fapping, the average women start to become more attractive to you and not entirely in a sexual way. But obviously go for your type.

I’m loving the confidence I have now. I’m 3 weeks into martial arts and its tough but the energy I have now helps me stick it out, apparently it’ll take me at least 2 years to be good in Muay Thai but I’m enjoying the process, I don’t care how long it takes for me to become a hard badass warrior, I’m just happy that its part of my lifestyle now.

Just had to check in after a long time. NoFap is no longer the main point in my life. But this is where my recovery process started, and I think I should continue updating everyone and hopefully be an inspiration to anyone.

I’m already prepared for the 120 day milestone and I’m excited to see what I discover then but it will be in the back of my mind, I quit smoking cigarettes, weed and drinking alcohol 4 years ago to live a straight edge for the betterment of my life in all aspects but I don’t even think about the number of days which I quit, maybe just the years but this way I no longer associate myself with those drugs so I hopefully I can do the same with nofap and get off that counter crutch.

LINK – 90 days porn & fap free.

by Zen Meister