I feel really calm and free. I noticed how the anxiety depression is going away.


I have been away from porn and masturbation for quite a while now. It’s been 8 months and 25 days since I masturbated or watched porn. I feel really calm and free. I noticed how the anxiety just starts to vanish. literally I’m now able to talk and get along with beautiful girls with no anxiety (something I was for sure not able to do, was really far from being able to engage in such nice relations with girls and even have a good time).

I noticed that depression is going away too because in some way I’m forgetting the idea of masturbating and adapting to not doing it. Finding other fun things to do instead. I’m in a stage of peace just literally.

I don’t have urges to masturbate or think about unrealistic sexual situations due to porn. I’m feeling free and good, like when I was a kid when I didn’t masturbate –  and the only anxiety I had was to know about the world and make friend (instead to know more about MO and porn and waste my time thinking about it).

My urges were big in the morning, they were unbearable for me but now I don’t even have morning urges. The only urges I have now is wake up and make new friends and live in this new discovered way for me.

LINK – I feel nice

by tendency14