I had amazing results with NoFap during my streak

I had amazing results with NoFap during my streak. Up until the 90 day mark, my life was only ever positively affected by abstaining from porn and masturbation. I could talk for hours about all of the positive effects I experienced up until that point. However, I’d rather tell you what went wrong, and hopefully provide you with a warning.

I purposefully relapsed last night. It was not a spur of the moment action, I didn’t fight it, and I did not enjoy it. I decided I needed to start this challenge over after my longest streak yet of 110 days.

I became complacent. Around day 90, I thought I was king of the world. This was great for my confidence, but I got lazy. I stopped doing the habits that helped me get to those 90 days, such as meditating, eating well, and reading every day. I stopped taking risks every day, and I slowly became more fearful. I hadn’t relapsed, but by day 100 I feel I lost all my progress. I powered through for the next 10 days, miserable, lazy and sick of denying myself pleasure.

Finally, I decided I would let that streak go. I relapsed, and here I am. This streak is going to be different; I am going to set goals and habits and adhere to them. I will not become lazy, and will remember to never underestimate the power of urges.

This time around, I will build my life around a new identity:

  1. I will exercise every day. Lift 4 days a week, row 6 days a week.
  2. I will meditate and pray daily.
  3. I will be completely honest in all I do. No more lies.
  4. I will be completely sober. No drugs or alcohol. No exceptions.
  5. I will excel in my schoolwork. No more slacking off.

LINK – Why I relapsed after 110 days and how next time will be different

by themightyblah