I had ED, social anxiety, and girls were not attracted to me: Nofap worked but there’s a problem.

First off let me say, this shit truly works. I had ED, and girls were not attracted to me, I had social anxiety, the list goes on. I did NoFap for about 4 months and my ED was CURED!! as well as my social anxiety (mostly) and girls really do get attracted to you, I had one girl straight up call me out for holding my seed in. she said she always knows when a guy is abstaining because they glow and there is a natural magnetism that is apparently hard to resist. So yeah long story short, nofap worked, I had sex with about 4 women since this glorious practice. Problem now is, I don’t want women anymore. THEY ARE SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Falling in love with me, calling me, trying to suck all my attention dry, I’m just really getting sick of it tbh. I would almost rather get off to porn, and be my peaceful single self, making music, hanging with friends, than deal with these clingy women. So lately I’ve been relapsing HARD. Not exactly proud of myself, but I made this choice and I guess I just find the whole thing interesting. I would like to keep doing nofap, but with my conundrum, it’s getting next level hard!

Edit: apparently people think I’m a troll, I guess I just want to clarify the point in the text that looks pretty trolly. I don’t want to not be attractive to women anymore, this is fucking awesome. I guess best way to put it is, getting women is not all it’s cracked out to be guys, it’s not gonna make u happy, and tbh I’m not surprised. Only you can make you happy. Having said that, the nofap practice is good for things other than getting women. It’s made me just appreciate life a bit more, have more confidence, and sympathize with other people’s addictive behaviors thus becoming a more understanding and empathetic person in general. You don’t have to believe my story, I just wanted to share it

LINK – NoFap Works, But I find myself not wanting to do it anymore

by nakula108