I have been on Nofap for about 1.5 years. A lot changed.

Hey you all 🙂

From today on I am going to leave Nofap! Maybe I will check in after a while but I think I probably won’t.

I don’t know how many days I am on and it honestly doesn’t matter. This was my old me and I have left it behind. There is no going back and I feel like I can’t keep on thinking about this addiction anymore.

I have been on Nofap for about 1,5 years. A lot changed. I found things about myself that I didn’t even remember and that were and still are difficult to deal with. However it is getting better and I am looking into the eyes of a bright future.

This was and is the greatest community I have ever met and a lot you guys have helped me through my struggles. Thank you so much to all of you!

Why do I leave? It is simple guys but maybe hard to understand for a lot of you. What I found was that the saying that what you focus on grows is true. I can’t keep on visiting this forum forever not because it is bad to visit a forum but it keeps me focused on me thinking to have a problem.

Also I realized that this “addiction” is just my brain being wired in a certain way. We are no victims to this guys but if we believe this we don’t take the responsibility we must take. The urges are not the problem but how you think and act towards them!

You can see them as something you need to fight but what you fight gets stronger. Instead you need to realize that they want you to give in and you accept they for what they are and then realize why you do this and why you won’t give in. Don’t talk to them and don’t entertain them in any way!

That is all I can say how to beat them efficiently in my eyes and that is how I am going to get to infinity. I act now as if I would have already beaten it or as if I have never been an addict.

I am leaving because of this! I can’t stay here forever and I have got to move on.

Thank you all for your help and I wish you all the best!

Stay strong my friends!

LINK – From today on forward I am leaving Nofap behind!

by 1_may_2016