I have been trying and failing for two years: I have transformed myself profoundly.

The first and most important thing you should take from this post is this: I have probably failed more times than you have tried. I have been trying and failing for two years, and only now have I achieved a 90 day streak. I used to fap around 8-10 times per day, when I woke up, before and after work, and while going to bed. I was a serious addict, and I have overcome this and love myself for it.

Do not think that you cannot recover, or that temporary failure must be surrendered to.

Throughout all of this failure, I learned little changes in mindset along the way, healed, and became a better and better man.

Changes I’ve noticed in myself:

  1. I’m WAY hornier. But I don’t feel that desire and want to masturbate or watch porn anymore. I want to go fuck someone. Progress. Also, I very easily communicate a sexual vibe now and can seduce easily without seductive words, mostly through physical touch and eye contact.
  2. I get after life. Obviously, it’s easier to succeed in this endeavor if you remove yourself from fap zones and distract yourself with productivity.
  3. I have transformed myself profoundly, I have become a great skier, harmonica player, and am learning to skydive, which will eventually enable me to travel the world and work at different drop zones.


  1. Get out of the fap zone. There a specific places where you can and cannot fap. Sometimes, winning this is as simple as relocating yourself.
  2. Get out of bed. When you wake up, your testosterone levels will be highest, and you’ll be all cozy and (probably) most prone to fail. This is an extension of the first strategy, but is so dangerous that it must be mentioned specifically.
  3. Have real hobbies. No, internet browsing and playing video games absolutely do not count. Get involved in a sport, a musical instrument, some craft, hell, build a bunch of lego structures and start a blog. But do something that makes YOU a better and more interesting person (and more worthy of the dream woman that you may be preparing yourself for). Some people stop learning/growing at age 18, and surrender themselves to a mediocre life and mediocre relationships. Others grow forever and surpass everyone.

I hope this helps you guys.

LINK – 90 Day Report

by YetzirahToAhssiah