I have the power of a truck, My memory improved, Holding eye contact is now possible

I feel great, as in normal and compared to my time before nofap. It has been said often before: as soon as the fight is over, there are no superpowers anymore. These superpowers only seem super when seen from a place of desperation and self betrayal.

They become part of who you are once you are clean from what to me is an addiction. I don’t want to say I’m not desperate anymore (let’s face it, even “normal” life can be an emotional roller coaster) or that there is no more room for improvement, it’s just that this area of my life has been sorted out because I decided that it was time to change something. At no point in time did I regret starting nofap, on the contrary, I still feel increasingly confident around women. However, I am still not there yet. I have accepted that the journey out of this mind numbing habit may take forever. It’s not to go back to zero, it’s taking what you have and go from there, just without masturbating. J u s t l i v e w i t h o u t i t.

Here is a thing I discovered to be working for me: I needed to stop any exaggerated avoidance behavior throughout my nofap journey. I don’t shy away anymore from sexual nsfw content, as long as it is no hardcore stuff. Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I searching for kicks as I used to, but when something hits /r/all I take the freedom of visually enjoying the beauty of a body. What I want to say is that I am conscious of my triggers, but a photo of an elegantly posing topless babe for example is not out of the question for me. I don’t return to a driveling tunnel vision. Just a quick look and “she’s hot” and I’m gone from the link. I refuse to let something dark exist which I am forbidden to touch (no pun intended) because of the fear of relapsing. I say no to the urge and that’s that.

I’m sorry to say it but whoever struggles endless months and isn’t able to make any progress is just not unhappy enough with their situation. I know that I will always be an ex fapper, just the way I will always be a former smoker and so on. I enjoyed those feelings, but their sources of joy are too addictive for my simple brain so I kicked those habits away.


  • start things, say yes more often
  • don’t shy away from normal/moderate triggers
  • feel happy without fapping
  • realize that you’ll never reach the perfect nofap version of yourself, you’re just correcting mistakes you’ve made
  • that’s why there’s no going back
  • stop pondering about past sh*t, it can’t be changed and from now on it will only get better
  • eat vitamins
  • work out


  • I have the power of a truck
  • I am more conscious of girls who are attracted to me (often missed those things in the past)
  • my memory improved
  • my skin got better
  • holding eye contact is now possible (hot chicks are still tough but hey)
  • I feel like having accomplished something just by not touching myself (how sad is that haha)

Well that’s it.
It’s not a battle anymore, nofap is just the right thing to do.
Cheers good luck all

LINK – I’m bored so here’s a 140 days report with tips

by teknator