I just shine & have a lot of confidence and energy, Greater focus, Funnier, See women as people.

Last summer I had a really ugly breakup with my girlfriend and big family related problems. All happened at the same time and it hit me really hard.

I started to meditate to find my inner peace and on October 1st I decided to do nofap, hardcore version. I’ve always had a big desire for porn and fapping. Sometimes I could do it in school just because I had the urge to do it. I went to the toilet and used my mobile to search for porn. I decided to control myself, instead of letting my urges control me. The first days and weeks were really difficult and I constantly looked at girls. It got a lot easier with time.

I started to work out at the gym and mhuai Thai. Since I tried to develop myself in several ways I can’t say what improvements are linked with nofap.

I noticed:

  • I became much more prone to contact strangers; I couldn’t rely on porn anymore. I made many new friends and had girls interested in me.
  • I had an energy that what easy for other to feel, I can’t describe it but about 100 days in I just shined and had a lot of confidence and energy. I was (and still am) very outgoing. I’m a pretty funny guy but got a lot funnier with my extra energy. 
  • I started to see girls as human begins rather than tits and asses.
  • I didn’t care about others opinion about me (probably linked with meditation). 
  • I gained confidence in myself. Earlier I had to it in the toilet and here I was doing nofap big time.
  • Improved focus and grades in school. Last year major engineering student and got excellent grades at the hardest classes.

There are other advantages but this was what I remembered.

Why did I stop? I’m seeing a girl I really like since 3 months. I had to control that my penis “worked” and I don’t want to cum within 30s so I had to edge and cum. Today when I fap I do it without porn. I don’t have the urge to watch porn but I can do it occasionally if there’s something special to see. I don’t have to fap everyday, sometimes I just don’t do it. There’s no strong to urge to do it, when I do it I do it to edge to improve stamina (my stamina in bed got a really hard hit by this).

LINK – 280 days hardmode nofap, here’s my story.

by Gyrta